Collection Services

Here at Credit Bureau Services we like to represent each client on an individual basis. We do this by offering a full service contingency rate structure. Customizing your rate table would be determined by, the projected dollar volume and age of the accounts.

Our services include credit file impact. By reporting consumer information to the three national repositories Equifax, Trans Union and Experian this will give your receivables national attention.

Pre-Collect Letter Service
For a one-time fee per letter, the consumer will receive one letter from Credit Bureau Services on our letterhead. Payments and correspondence are directed to your office, and there are no other fees involved. When you receive direct payment from the consumer, notify us, and the collection process will cease. If the account is not paid, it will move to full service collections, without any delays in time.

Full Service Contingency

  1. Accounts Transferred to the Bureau.
    Immediately our letter series start. After 30 days if payment is not received, the account is placed on the consumer's credit file.
  2. Telephone Collections
    We make every attempt to contact the consumer by telephone. This allows us the opportunity to collect on your account, by receiving balance in full or setting up payment arrangements while our collection staff has them on the telephone.
  3. Skip Tracing
    With technology today and our industry specific software, we are able to locate those hard to find consumers.
  4. Legal Action
    When the consumer has the ability to pay, but refuses, we recommend you consider legal action. We submit to you an affidavit, you sign it and mail it back to our office and we act as the liaison between you and our attorneys.

Check Recovery
With our services, you are not required to buy any equipment or pay any fees. A $7 refund will be added to the face amount and returned to the client.

How does this work?
Checks are sent directly to our office from the bank. Immediately our letter series start, along with contacting the consumer by telephone. After 30 days, all uncollected checks will be entered on the issuer's credit file.


Time is on the consumer's side. The more time they have the less chance you have of collecting your money. Place your accounts with an agency when:

  • Two billing cycles are ignored.
  • The consumer fails to return calls.
  • What is your return address policy? The consumer's mail is returned.
  • The consumer stalls or delays payment.
  • The consumer tells you they are not paying for services rendered.
  • The account is 90 days, and no payment plan is in place.