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Let’s Make Lemonade!

July was a crazy month at the Bureau! We had the Holiday in the middle of the week, a couple team members on vacation and a few that had illnesses come up unexpectedly. Consumer's and employee's seemed to be in the summer vacation mood. Our team all pulled through, day after day, and now August [...]

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The Bureau Newsletter: March 2018

March 2018 Volume 2, Issue 3 From Our CEO Here at The Bureau we have been busy, making plans for 2018, setting goals, and working hard to accomplish them. How about you? When you have a plan on how to take care of your accounts receivable, you will receive a higher return on recovery. One [...]

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The Bureau Newsletter: February 2018

FROM OUR CEO We are great at what we do because we understand that accounts receivables is one of the largest line items on our client’s balance sheet! Not only does it have a high impact on their cash flow, but affects their customers as well. Here at Credit Bureau Services we understand that people [...]

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Employee Anniversaries

This month we are very blessed to be able to celebrate anniversaries with two of our employees! In our industry, turnover can be a little higher than average, but those who stick it out are able to become experts in the field of collections! Recently, these collectors have been appointed team leads because of their [...]

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Personality Testing takes the Hiring Process to Another Level

If you are in a human resources position, then you understand the struggle of hiring new employees. It can be a long, tedious process and it takes trial and error to get the right people in the right positions. At Credit Bureau Services, we have included a step that we believe has taken our hiring [...]

We are changing the way YOU think about collections!

I would like to tell you how we do it different than other agencies. My name is Megan Frank and I am the Sales and Marketing Administrator for Credit Bureau Services, LLC. Let’s discuss the great value Credit Bureau Services can offer you by being a regional collection agency, and what impact and potential that [...]

The Bureau Newsletter: November 2017

HOT OFF THE PRESS!!! Check out The Bureau's November newsletter! Inside you will find a message from our CEO and information on a rule and regulation change that took place in September. It is always something new with our industry! "The only constant is change!"

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Monster Mash!

October 30th was a spook-tacular day at the Bureau! We held our annual monster mash Halloween runway show and everyone brought food to share! Once again, the Cape Chamber and Jackson Chamber came out to help us celebrate the season, and to be honorary judges! We love involving the chambers in our events. At 3:00pm, [...]

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Making the Bureau Spook-tacular!

During the third week of October, the staff at Credit Bureau Services, LLC had a cubicle decorating contest! Each employee came up with a ghoulish theme and brought in items to spice up their work area. The theme's varied from "a vote for me is a vote for free candy" to "Meet Frank{enstein}" to "Skully's [...]