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A Company with a Mission

Since 1932, we have been committed to providing accounts management services to the business community across Missouri, Arkansas, Illinois, Kentucky and Tennessee. Our company has become a vital part of the economic impact of the communities we serve, with over seventy years of leadership experience to work for you.

Credit Bureau Services is committed to providing a professional approach to your collection needs. Our employees represent your company; we deliver a collection style by being professional, experienced and informed. We are at your service, providing you with innovative solutions to your Accounts Receivable challenges.

Our services represent each client on an individual basis, and we take pride in being able to customize and remain flexible. Our mission is to work with you to enhance your business, along with turning your receivables into payments.

Our Culture is...


Evolving from 85 years of regulation, we have perfected a collection strategy for the client and consumer.


We are successful in maintaining over 30 years of client relationships.


Our amazing staff ensures quality and attention to detail, no matter your need.

What We Do

We provide asset recovery services to our clients and provide debt solutions to consumers.

In an ever-changing industry, Credit Bureau Services is committed to providing a professional approach to your facility and personal finances. Whether you are a client seeking help in Accounts Receivables or a consumer paying on a bill, we are at your service. We provide you with innovative solutions to enhance your business, while providing consumers an option of financial freedom.

Collection Services

We provide collections services to ensure your outstanding balances can be taken care of with ease.

Client Services

We treat all clients with respect and dignity. We represent clients on an individual basis by offering a full-service contingency rate structure.



We provide online tools for our clients and consumers so that tracking and making payments is simple.


New Employee Training

We understand that training a new employee can be a difficult task. Our team has developed an orientation to educate new and existing employees on our collection methods. We have an experienced client services staff at your disposal during normal business hours.

Our Valued Partners