Let’s Make Lemonade!

July was a crazy month at the Bureau! We had the Holiday in the middle of the week, a couple team members on vacation and a few that had illnesses come up unexpectedly. Consumer’s and employee’s seemed to be in the summer vacation mood. Our team all pulled through, day after day, and now August is upon us.

Our team put up a good effort. But were just shy of meeting their team goal that would have resulted in a bonus for the month. Even though they did not hit their team goal, they still learned a lot and came together as a group.

We love to congratulate big wins and celebrate the positive things, but sometimes you also have to motivate when things do not always go your way. During our morning meeting today, instead of passing out bonus’s, we passed out bottled water with lemonade mix. It had a tag that read “When life gives you lemons, you gotta make lemonade!” And that is what we will do this month, we will make lemonade while we smile and dial!