The Bureau Newsletter: March 2018

March 2018 Volume 2, Issue 3

From Our CEO

Here at The Bureau we have been busy, making plans for 2018, setting goals, and working hard to accomplish them. How about you? When you have a plan on how to take care of your accounts receivable, you will receive a higher return on recovery. One important thing to keep in mind is that in the first half of the year, consumers have a higher income level to pay down debt. We hope you take this under consideration, and are making plans to transfer your receivables to our agency in this quarter.

Ask the ACA

Q: How do debt collection agencies help booster the economy?

A: In a recent survey conducted by the ACA in 2017, $67.6 Billion dollars are returned to clients each year. These clients range from financial institutions to healthcare systems, to small businesses in the agencies local community. Collection agencies also employ over 129,260 employees and contribute over 1.5 billion dollars in taxes to the U.S. economy.

ACA Online

What’s New at CBS

Our employees love to help their community! This spring, The Bureau will be raising money and participating in Relay for Life. This event will take place in Cape Girardeau on April 21st. If you, or your staff, would be interested in joining our team or donating to the cause, please let us know!

Relay for Life is a community-based fundraising event of the American Cancer Society.

“Providing excellence by helping consumers reach financial wellness through our designations.” -The Bureau Collection Floor 2018 Motto

Holly’s Legal Minute

When it comes to judgments and wage garnishments, we have the burden of proof. We have to prove that the consumer does indeed owe the balance. How do we do that? By providing as much documentation concerning the balance as possible. Account ledgers, itemized statements, financial agreements, and anything showing how the balance was figured is essential to our attorneys in proving their case.

Client Relations News

Our client relations team has been working very hard on writing a new client handbook. This is finally complete and we are so excited to share it with our new and existing clients! If you would like an electronic copy of this, please click the link below to download the electronic version of it!!

Client Reference Manual

Website Tip of the Month

Our active clients have the option to view their inventory with us at any time, using the client portal on our website! Click the link below to see how!

Show Me How!