Avengers VS Legion of BIF

During the month of September, our staff was divided into two teams and played a friendly game of football. Points were scored based on team members accomplishments on the collection floor. At the end of the month, we threw a tailgate party, crowned MVP’s and announced the winning team!

There were two teams, the Avengers and the Legion of BIF. (BIF stands for balance in full). Each team was chosen by the collection supervisor. Then, each team chose which admin personnel would represent them as coach, cheerleader, and team manager. Each team also chose their own name and team colors.

The Avengers were bright blue and purple. A team member made flags out of cloth for everyone to hang in their cubicle to keep the team spirit alive! The Legion of BIF or LOB, chose the colors purple, green and yellow. Their flag was their team name spelled out with different super heroes.

Each week, a team was designated as the lead team, and at the end of the month, a winner was crowned. It was close, but the Legion of BIF pulled out a win! To celebrate their victory, they each received a gift card and the break room was decorated in their team colors for the tailgate.

MVP’s were also crowned for each team! These team members were chosen by their teammates and awarded a trophy, chocolate coins and an award.

Avengers MVP