Welcome to The Bureau Pumpkin Patch!

As a member of the Perryville, Missouri Chamber of Commerce, we were invited to enter a trunk into the Moonlight Madness Trunk-Or-Treat event October 26th. This week, October 23rd-October 27th, we had also planned to decorate pumpkins and have a contest. So, we combined the two events!

The team headed up to Perryville, MO, gave a trunk some flair and set-up our pumpkins to be judged on by the public. And…the public LOVED it! Ms. Nicky Williams headed up the vote collection and candy disbursement and was a pro! We had over 700 people, adults and children, vote on the pumpkins that the employees spent their lunch hours decorating.

Our theme was “WELCOME TO THE BUREAU PUMPKIN PATCH.” The fan favorite, with 195 votes, was pumpkin #2, which was painted and carved to look like Nemo from the Disney movie “Finding Nemo”.

The pumpkins that won second and third place were only separated by ONE vote! Pumpkin #6, came in at 165 votes and was carved to look like a skull.

In third place was pumpkin #6, with 164 votes, and was painted with a black evil face.

Villianous Grounds also sponsored a pumpkin contest and we had 4 employees enter into that one. The Bureau walked away with a win for each pumpkin entered, 2nd place, 4th place, 5th place, and 6th place.

It was a treat to see all of the kids {and their parents!} in costume and to allow them to participate in our office competition. We love our community, and we were happy to be able to be a part of this new tradition for the Perryville Chamber of Commerce.