Employee Anniversaries

This month we are very blessed to be able to celebrate anniversaries with two of our employees! In our industry, turnover can be a little higher than average, but those who stick it out are able to become experts in the field of collections!

Recently, these collectors have been appointed team leads because of their knowledge and performance in the field. We also talk to our employees regularly to find out what they need from us to grow in and ever-changing and challenging industry.

Next month we will begin offering specialty designation training for all account representatives whom are interested. This will allow them to be “in the know” with certain specialties, such as financial coaching, rental properties, banking, disability, and skip-tracing, to name a few. We are hoping this not only helps our employees improve, but reciprocates to our consumers and clients.

We are doing work that matters for our employees, so they can do work that matters for our clients and the community!

Keep on Smiling and Dialing team!