Personality Testing takes the Hiring Process to Another Level

If you are in a human resources position, then you understand the struggle of hiring new employees. It can be a long, tedious process and it takes trial and error to get the right people in the right positions. At Credit Bureau Services, we have included a step that we believe has taken our hiring process to another level!

Personality testing is a great tool for current teams to learn about themselves, their teammates and their leadership. When you have a perspective of how and why your co-workers and act a certain way, it allows you to respond in a manner that produces results, not conflict. Our office has added the DISC profile assessment to our list of team building activities. Everyone in the office took the DISC assessment, printed their results, and shared them with their teammates. So, when a conflict arises, our employees can look at how their teammates LIKE to be communicated and UNDERSTAND where they are coming from.

There are many different types of personality assessments, each one giving a different insight into each individuals traits and characteristics. Our leadership is highly involved in Dave Ramsey’s Entreleadership classes, programs and podcasts. The DISC profile is what he uses for his 600+ employees, so that is how we made a decision on which personality test to go with. This test breaks a person down into four type:

D: Decisive

I: Interactive

S: Stabilizing

C: Cautious

Each trait is displayed on an easy to read graph and a person is given an overall letter. Below is an example of my pesonality. As you can see I am a “High I”, I love talking to others! But my “S” is also fairly high for my supportive, stabilizing and accommodating traits.

The results not only allowed our employees to communicate more effectively, it also showed a trend in our office! Our best administrative personnel displayed high S and C traits. While our collection floor staff displayed High D and I traits. This was a light bulb moment! We want to hire teammates that are similar to our top employees. So we decided to require a personality test as the second step in our hiring process. If the candidate does not have the personality traits for the open position, they do not move on to step 3. This has allowed quality candidates to make it through to our final interview phases and our team is growing in the right direction!

Want to see what your personality looks like? Click here for the free assessment and see the image below for which traits match up with your results!

How well do your results match your personality?