We are changing the way YOU think about collections!

I would like to tell you how we do it different than other agencies. My name is Megan Frank and I am the Sales and Marketing Administrator for Credit Bureau Services, LLC. Let’s discuss the great value Credit Bureau Services can offer you by being a regional collection agency, and what impact and potential that will have on your account receivables and your patients!

Since 1932, we have been committed to providing accounts management services to the business community. Our company has become a vital part of the economic impact of this community. With over 85 years of collection experience, we would like to invite you to become a business partner with us. Account receivables is the largest line item on your company’s balance sheet. It has a high impact on your company’s cash flow and on your customers. Let’s work together on getting the best return on your accounts receivables.

Doing work that matters for our clients!

We offer the latest and greatest technology in the industry and a local database that contains a wealth of information when it comes to skip tracing! Our web site gives you the opportunity to access reports, and account information 24/7! It is like having our client services team right there in your office. We also offer a client orientation at the beginning of our relationship with you, and any time after that, free of charge. Don’t worry about training new staff on our system, we will handle that for you.

Doing work that matters for our consumers!

We have a collection staff that can provide your consumers with the assistance they need when it comes to debt recovery. Our staff is professionally trained through ACA International. When it comes to your consumers, we like to use an educational process that will help them come up with a payment solution. Our staff helps consumers work through their financial issues, allowing the consumer to pay their past due accounts and get back on their feet. Our staff will go over a household budget, help them find employment or other necessary resources to help them achieve financial freedom.

Doing work that matters for our Community!

At Credit Bureau Services, we strive to be active in our community. We have a strong presence in the local Chambers of Commerce, SEMO MGMA, BNI, HFMA and participate quarterly in community service drives and events. Helping people is what we do! Because our employees live and work in the same community as your consumers, they know the resources available to help. We are doing work that matters for our clients, our consumers and our community!

We are not just a collection agency, we are different!

Do you feel that you’re getting the best results and performance from your current vendor? Maybe you are, and that’s ok. I would love the opportunity to show you how we can take care of your accounts and how we do it differently! I invite you to sit down with me, and talk about your future. Let’s be creative and innovative on ways that we as a collection agency can assist you. I invite you to call me at 573-334-6044 or email hello@creditbureauservicesinc.com.